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We build social media campaigns.

Every business must have an active social media presence. JSK Digital is here to manage your social media so you don't have to. Our main strategy is customer engagement. We help businesses like yours drive conversation, inspire participation, and create share-worthy content.


Identify Your Business Needs & Brand
Social Media Solutions for Your Business
Convert Prospects into Customers

Why Social Media Marketing?

Your customers are on social media.

Social media marketing increases brand awareness.

Your competition is getting social, you should too.

Customers you didn’t know existed before, will find you.

Social media posts can be used to drive targeted traffic.

Easily gain customer insight through social media.

Consumers rely on social media for purchasing decisions.

Social media increases your website’s SEO.

Users are receptive to your social media messages.

A strong social media presence builds brand loyalty.

You can recognize and respond to problems immediately.

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations over ads.

Social media marketing is extremely cost-effective.

Our Expertise

We build social media campaigns that drive consumer engagement.

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JSK Digital

Social Media Strategy & Insight

Customer engagement is the best strategy. Customers trust peer recommendations.
Setting Goals

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Sensitive Approach.

Setting Social Performance

Identify and measure what methods and practices work in a social media campaign.

Integrated Strategy

Social campaign executions with an intuitive software interface.

Competitive Intelligent

Audience Analysis, Product Positioning, Brand Perception.

Cohesive Creative Team

Creative Social Media Campaigns

Building social campaigns and rich brand experiences that drive consumer engagement.
Dynamic Storytelling

The content speaks straight to the human heart makes advertising campaigns memorable.

Creative Technologist

Bring great ideas and technology together to build your business brand.

Creative Data

Efficiency meets emotion. Good data helps inform business decisions and deliver the right messages.

When you have steady stream of qualified prospects engaged with your brand, the possibilities are limitless!
Social Conversation

Listening & Engagement

Tracking conversations around specific phrases, words or brands, and then leveraging them to discover opportunities or create content for those audiences.

Customer Service

People now turn to social networks for venting, questions and feedback, giving businesses a huge opportunity to be more involved in the customer experience.

Identify Influencers

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, while only 33% trust ads. Engagement is the key to strengthen those relationships.

Track Hashtags & Phrases

Social media monitoring tools that make it easy for you to monitor what’s being said.

Social Media Content

Content Development & Production

Highlight the deep integration between our strategy, process, and technology put to work.
Concept Development

When content is development, it is usually produced with hopes of being shared


Content is aimed to engage your target audience.

Production Planning

We use a set of social media tools that make it easy.


Software that makes distribution easy.

Media Amplification

We are using social amplification to get your brand heard. Our purposes are to increase word-of-mouth exposure through employees, customers, industry partners, fans and influencers.
What We Do:
  • Amplify Very Best Content
  • Leverage Influencer Marketing
  • Remarketing
  • Niche Communities
Consumers Trust Their Peers

Social Media Influencers

Influencers are powerful in any industry because they are one of the primary resources for your buyers as they’re making purchasing decisions. Social channels are the fastest way to these industry leaders.


Listen to conversations, search, read and build influencers list.


Understand what they are about and note their context.


Conversation only related to the influencers.


Build a relationship to figure out how you can help them.


Conversation with influencer and take both side benefits.


Long-term relation which will lead to long term results.

Essential Data Summaries

Analytics & Reporting

We measure your brand's social media impact and improve.
Data Indicators

Create business goals that can be measured with data indicators

Scheduled Report

On time briefing, continuous updates, clear focus.

Audience Analysis

Evaluate audience size, engagement, and demographics.

Tracking Report

Track social media campaign progress and Identify trends.

Reach and Engagement

Compare data from individual campaign, posts, or pages.


Source for ongoing optimization and decision support.

Affordable Monthly Packages

All in one social media solutions


Dedicated Social Media Manager
Social Media Account Setup
Monthly Analytics Reports

Engage Potential Followers
Attentive Follower Engagement
Comment Responding

Post Content Creation
Custom Graphic Design
Use of Hashtags

Level 1 Package

10 Weekly Content Post
(across 2 social platforms)

Level 2 Package

20 Weekly Content Post
(across 4 social platforms)

Level 3 Package

30 Weekly Content Post
(across 6 social platforms)

How it Works

Sign Up Process


Click the sign up link, choose your social media package, enter your contact information and payment method. Or if you prefer to get set up over the phone call us at 1-833-575-3444.


We will ask you a few questions about your products, services, target audience, and more.


Your account will be assigned to one of our in-house social media managers, who will begin researching your business. Your manager will begin sharing content and engaging on your social media accounts.


Your social media campaign will increase your brand awareness and you'll begin to attract new customers.

JSK Digital

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you know what to post for my company?
Once we receive your order, your dedicated social media manager will begin researching your industry, competitors, and target audience.
Will you setup my social media platforms? Is that extra?
The setup of your social media accounts, including professional artwork and content optimization, is always included.
Do I have to write the post, or find articles, for you to share?
No. We find and/or produce all of the content for you. You can always send us relevant information for your business and we will post it, but that is not required.
What should I do when I have new products or specials that I want to promote?
Send a message over to the social manager working with your account. They will be your point of contact and will happily assist you in handling any new products or specials.
Who will be running my accounts?
Our social media managers are US based professionals that take time looking for relevant and optimal content in order to engage with your business’s audience.
Will I still have access to post on my accounts?
Yes! You are free to continue posting and managing your accounts to whenever you would like.
What happens after I sign up?
Your account will be assigned to one of our social media managers who will begin researching your business. They will begin posting and increasing your social presence.
Do you provide reports?
Yes! You’ll receive social media reports monthly.
Can I cancel my service at anytime?
Yes. There are no long term commitments or contracts.
Can you add clickable social media logos to my website?
Yes, setup of the social media logos is always included.
Do I get to review the posts before they go live?
No, we do apologize. A post review process would double or triple the time involved.
When will I be billed?
You are billed each month on the day of sign up. If your date is scheduled for a date that does not occur in every month, you will be billed on the last day of that month instead.

Our Social Media Team

Social Media Managers

Our social media managers are US based professionals that take time looking for relevant content to engage with your business's audience.


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